Hello People who read blogs,

Though I am very happy you found this site among the galaxies of existing blogs, I am certain (sadly) that some most of you will never come back.  Why? Simple: this is a young site, authored by a novice, with a basic purpose; I am a simple fellow (see my profile for insight!) who has found a forum to voice my Middle-ages Everyman’s opinion on the topic de jour – whatever tickles my fancy or pisses me off.  I guess it would help if you view my blog in the same way you were amused by the hilarious awkwardness of Seinfeld’s first season – all we are saying is give the blog a chance.  It may grow on you.

At this embryonic stage, the blog is a chance for me to grow as a writer and for You, the savvy and intrepid  internaut, to critique and mold me.  As I get better (hopefully), there might be a Darwinian chance that you will help my blog crawl out of the webplasm and survive.  One thing is for sure, though –  this is not a blog that changes the world, or creates a critical mass of motivated, bright people that will eventually overthrow a tyrant, cure for a disease, or solve world hunger. I doubt it will even teach you how to make a better cupcake or jello shooter – as similarly worthy those pursuits are.

So buckle up boys.  As  I am writing from my base of knowledge, it will likely appeal to balding, ageing men with opinions – a nice wide audience. For the rest of the population, I hope this blog will evoke more than apathy:  if it amuses or annoys, consider that either collateral success or collateral damage.  If it strikes a chord, then I guess you deep down you are “a simple fellow” like me.   Later…